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We have different options available to get you started back into employment in NI no matter what your situation, qualifications or experience.

Jobs in Northern Ireland are hard to come by these days so sometimes you have to look at other options to what you may have been used to before.

A lot of people are now employed part time rather than full time and this reduction in working hours can mean a large shortfall in income.

What most people don’t realise is that the average household is £150 away from bankruptcy and that has been a study that was carried out recently. But what is most shocking of all is that people don’t realise that home based jobs can provide an income quickly and most definitely save them from bankruptcy. Some people may think this type of work is below them, but that snobbish attitude will very well lead you into deep trouble especially if you are in trouble.

We offer a self employed home based business opportunity Seattle web design that allows you to take control of your life and income by working the hours that suit you rather being told by a boss!

A delivery job enables you to work hours that suit you. Do you want to work just two hours each day? Six hours every Monday? Or all day Saturday? This is ideal. The money you earn is related to the amount of catalogues delivered and orders placed. You can work from home in your own local area.

You don’t need any qualifications or experience to deliver in your local area. Self motivation is all that you need to earn a good regular income.

Jobs in the UK and Ireland are hard to come by these days so take away the interviews and qualifications and employ yourself!

You can start this business opportunity and work from home anywhere in NI and all you need to do to find out more is submit your details in the box on the left. We will then send you the info direct to your email inbox, and you decide to get involved with us then can kiss goodbye to all you job searching in NI and forget about all them applications and job interviews.